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Loan With a Guarantor – When Does a Survivor Need it?

Having a bad credit history can make it very difficult to make a commitment, in which case the best solution may be to find a guarantor. So what rights and obligations does the survivor have and who can become one? A loan with a guarantor is a perfect solution for people with low creditworthiness. Such […]


How Much Do You Want to Borrow? Flexible Loans up to SEK 50,000

Infrabank offers the cashloan for anyone who needs to borrow up to SEK 50,000. Both loans can be obtained by completing a web-based application form. Futher reading at Fill in your personal information and to which account the money will be deposited – easily as a plaque. Make your application on the website Infrabank […]


Loan during Short-time Work

Companies use short-time work to avoid having to lay off employees when they report a temporary shortage of work. In the construction industry, the seasonally short-time working allowance, which used to be officially and today still frequently referred to as bad-weather money, is also being paid. How does the relation of short-time working allowance and […]


Compare Payday Loan?

  You can easily compare payday loans via BankShopz. We try to inform you as completely as possible about the various options, customer service, tools, prices and promotions. On this page you will find a complete overview of all lenders offering a payday loan. If you want to borrow, you can use the payday loan […]


Loan in 5 Minutes

Apply for a cheap and advantageous loan in 5 minutes and get approved? At the house bank, this unbureaucratic procedure is of course not given. But the free financial market presents itself with numerous offers for instant loans, where the informal application online follows an immediate approval. An editorial over at For very urgent […]