Cheaper credit: Several thousand USD to save!


 By taking a cheaper loan, you can avoid paying several thousand euros of useless interest, even with the best known financial organizations. Our credit comparator has been thought and designed so that each situation receives a cheap credit solution.

Cheaper credit: how to find it?

Cheaper credit: how to find it?

We immediately clarify that if the cheaper credit that interests you is a mortgage, it is not our specialty. The purpose of this article is therefore to identify the cheapest consumer credit.

To define the cheapest credit, we only use one reference, the APR, the annual effective annual rate. This rate, legally defined by law, has two huge advantages for finding cheaper credit:

  • It includes all the costs directly linked to the credit (including administration fees for example).
  • It is imposed on credit organizations in their communication and their credit contracts.

There can be no cheating or misleading presentation based on the APR rate of a consumer credit offer. To find the cheapest credit, our role is therefore to raise this rate with all the largest organizations offering cheap loans. for all projects (personal loan, car loan, work loan, loan repurchase), for all durations and all amounts.

In our credit simulator, you will only have to define the parameters of the credit you want. You can play over time to get a reasonable monthly payment that will allow you to be accepted in relation to your debt ratio. The credit organizations indeed lend a particular interest to the capacity of repayment of the borrowers. To find cheaper credit, we reconstitute the cheapest offer in all circumstances. But we do not just offer you the ranking of the cheapest credit offers. We have developed a system for you to get the best rate in practice.

Really get cheaper credit

Really get cheaper credit

We have developed an exclusive questionnaire to increase the chances of actually obtaining cheaper credit. Because there is no point in knowing where the cheapest credit is if it is to be confronted with a refused credit. Our exclusive questionnaire offers 3 incomparable advantages: 

  1. First of all, this questionnaire is unique and allows you to have only one form to fill out to obtain information on cheaper credit from the top 10 credit agencies. No more searching for hours to find the cheapest credit.
  2. You will get an evaluation of the organization offering the cheapest credit to know if it is ready to follow you, which gives a very good indication of whether to consult other credit proposals.
  3. Third advantage: you can query up to 3 organizations in one click without commitment.

Why interview several organizations? This allows you to get an answer in principle from them on the acceptance of your file. We advise our customers to submit at least 2 files in case the first one is refused at one stage or another during the processing of your file. This increases the chances of getting cheap, fast, and cheap credit. Indeed, for cheaper credit, organizations tend to refuse a lot of files to keep only the best of the best in order to preserve their margin. Finally, we will ask organizations not to solicit you commercially by email.

Save thousands of euros with cheaper credit

Save thousands of euros with cheaper credit

When you want to offer the cheapest credit, you have to prove it. Take an example from our comparator. The comparison of a simple new car loan 15,000 euros over 60 months makes it possible to realize the possible difference between an overpriced loan and another more accessible.

New car loan $ 15,000 over 60 months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
Cheapest credit 2.80% 267.96 $ 1077.60 $
Second organism 3.20% 287.37 $ 2242.20 $
Third body 3.55% 272.83 $ 1369.80 $
Most expensive credit 5.77% 287.37 $ 2242.20 $

We cannot directly decide to make cheaper credit with Best Lender but we can use the cheapest credit of all the credit organizations to offer you the cheapest credit offer at the best market rate tailored to the file of each one. So even if you don’t need cheap credit right away, you now know where to do your simulation.

Cheaper credit without banks

Cheaper credit without banks

As you will see, the offers of traditional banks are not included in the ranking of the cheapest credit. There are two main reasons for this.

First of all, banks do not know how to offer consumer credit to customers they do not know. We are not talking about cheaper credit, but just consumer credit. Indeed, this is not only not their specialty but it is especially that to understand the risk, they prefer to first know the banking behavior of the client. So if you do not have at least 5 years of seniority or even 10 years, do not consider too much consumer credit with your bank and even less if you have used your bank overdraft.

Suppose you have sufficient seniority, getting the cheapest credit is not yet won. You also need to be a good customer. A good customer obviously means no overdraft, but also savings if possible. In this case, the bank may try a cheaper credit, but will it be the cheapest credit? It will be easier to get cheap Viloan, Astro finance or Bankate credit.

We have a negotiation technique to get the cheapest credit from your bank.

Negotiate cheaper credit

If you want to negotiate a cheaper credit with your bank, here is the technique to negotiate its credit:

  • Get the cheapest credit from specialized organizations with our comparison engine
  • Get the cheapest offer you will receive by mail 2 to 3 days after
  • Visit your banker with your offer
  • Either the banker can offer you cheaper credit, or you already have the best offer in your hands

Reminder: any consumer credit allows you to withdraw for 14 days.