For the adventure quest, ask for the cheapest quad credit.

A desire to go on an adventure and to spend yourself? Getting off the beaten track by quad or buggy, at full speed? The quad credit will allow you to get away from it all and do some sport while maintaining the basic spirit of leisure. For a request for quad credit, Astro Finance compares the credit organizations and finds the best custom rate for each request and each profile. Thus, the racing car of your dreams will be cheaper and save you time. The quad credit will be done through the best car credit rate for new quads and through a personal loan for used quads.

Quad credit: good to know

Quad credit: good to know

Before embarking on the acquisition of this type of vehicle, through a quad credit, it is important to know that its use is regulated. You can only use this machine by respecting certain rules. Indeed, there are two large families of quads: with and without a license!

To get a quad, it’s as simple as buying a motorcycle or a car. However, the difference is that to ride a quad you must be over the age of 16 and hold a BSR (Road Safety Certificate) or a B license.

For lovers of motor vehicles, any approved quad can circulate on the public road (with the exception of expressways and motorways). It must also be registered, which means that it must hold a gray card and therefore be insured. And wearing a helmet is absolutely mandatory because it is a motorized racing car, just like the motorcycle.

In addition, apart from these quads with a license, there are quads adapted in power to allow small amateurs to get started from 6 years (with adequate protections). However, the competitions are only accessible to children from 7 years old. Of course, the amount of this type of vehicle is cheaper and does not necessarily require quad credit. If you are looking for small credit, our comparator starts for credit amount 1000 USD.

Finally, let’s not forget the most important point when using a quad: safety !
Primordial for all types of transport, you should know that a quad (like a buggy) is difficult to drive because it is not very stable and it reacts brutally. The machine therefore requires special knowledge and physical conditions to avoid any accident.
There is no point in looking for thrills if it is to go headlong into acquiring a quad, think of everyone’s safety!

What type of quad to choose?

What type of quad to choose?

To make quad credit and therefore afford the car of your dreams, it is important to know what the market offers.

Indeed, as mentioned above, there are two kinds of quads: quads with or without a license. All can be used for road, utility or just leisure use!

Quads without a license

These cars are unlicensed because they have a displacement equivalent to 50 cc or less.
Indeed, these are the ones who can be driven from the age of 16 (except for young people born from 1990, who will only have to ride in possession of the ASSR: obtained following the successful completion of the BSR in class 5th and a practical test in a motorcycle school).

Very popular with young people or beginners, it is the most purchased type of quad in France because it is easy to handle and its speed is limited. In addition, it does not require a permit but it must be approved and therefore imperatively registered. The associated registration card is not issued by the Prefecture but by a private organization such as for example. It can be financed by a quad credit through a car credit provided that it is a new quad and can provide proof of purchase. Otherwise, you will have to go through a personal loan.

The other quads

Regarding quads over 50 cm³, they require a B license because their power is much higher, which requires total control of the vehicle (the largest sizes can go up to 800 cm³).

But the quad also has other functions than that of leisure. It can be useful, that is to say for professional use for example. In this case, it will be used to tow a trailer (when it is agricultural use) or simply to facilitate the implementation of work.
It can also be used during competitions by athletes. Indeed, quads competitions are organized every year everywhere in France. Amateur or high-level athletes can then demonstrate the extent of their talent through these challenges.

The quad represents the power (depending on the cm³ chosen and the desired use) but also the resistance because it is more robust than a motorcycle and more roaring.

Quad credit at the cheapest rate

Quad credit at the cheapest rate

Once the quad has been chosen and the price taken into account, it suffices to find the cheapest rate for a quad credit (a new quad can go on average from $ 5,000 to $ 20,000 for the most efficient).
And choosing the best rate is not just a principle. This allows for concrete savings. For example, the 10,000 USD loan through a car loan, which corresponds perfectly to a quad loan, can cost twice as much from one organization to another for a repayment period of 60 months. You can see it for yourself on our comparator.

Indeed, rather than going to ring all the doors of financial organizations and lose money, why not go to the essentials and let Astro Finance do it without commitment?
It will be enough to fill in a few clicks the exclusive questionnaire, presented below. It will only take a few minutes and will avoid the countless meetings and steps to take to obtain a loan:

In addition, being the No.1 online credit comparator, Astro Finance records requests for quad credit and takes care of comparing and sorting out the rates charged. Thus, a classification is established and many savings will be made.

The quad credit will allow the acquisition of this impressive vehicle and it will no longer be possible to go unnoticed in town or in the countryside and above all you would be able to rediscover the taste of freedom!
Treat yourself, treat yourself to the quad of your dreams and save on quad credit at Astro Finance!

We remind you that for any purchase of a new quad, it will be a car loan. As for the purchase of a used quad, it will be necessary to opt for a personal loan (without proof of purchase).